Exotic Chilika

Description: Imagine Azure Water, Imagine grassy beach and you move to a dreamy place called Ghantasila in chilika, a secluded corner perfect for camping and enjoying Walk on Water. Get mesmerized by the mouth watering sea food preparation and bivouac under the night sky full of stars. While you are lost in the backdrop of Eastern Ghats, make your way through islands to discover the rich Bio diversity of Migratory Birds and aquatic wild life.
*Only for group size of 4-6 persons who want to experience the spectacular and vast Chilika through WoW at least for 3 days including transfers from Rangers adventure foundation
Highlights: Island Hopping + Dolphins + Migratory Birds+ Exotic Backdrop + Bivouac under the Stars + Motor Boat Transfers
Included: Road and Water Transports, Camp and Equipment rental
Difficulty level: Easy
Cost: INR 4500 (inclusive of all the meals and Transports)
Add-ons: 1. Barbeque (INR 250 per person)
2. Sumptuous Sea food (Chilika Prawns & fishes) INR 500/ person